Birth Of Bravey EP

by Bravey Don

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released October 5, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Steven Whitney, Red James Rogers, and Anthony Wyke at Treason Sound Studio, Sunriver, Oregon.

Lyrics by David Gillespie

Guitar/Vocals: David Gillespie
Guitar: Kayleb James
Bass: Ryan Lucas
Drums: Jonathan Burr Jr.

Trombone: David Gillespie



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Bravey Don Bend, Oregon

Central Oregon "Power-Pop" trio Bravey Don blend styles and genres to form their own raunchy brand of high energy rock and roll. From their infamous live shows to their studio recordings, Bravey Don likes it loud.

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Track Name: Shadow
I remember, I remember us
Always living starving at the cusp
Once in a blue moon you'd call my name
But you weren't there so it remains the same

Where is my shadow?
Where could she be?
I have been waiting so patiently
Where did she go?
Why did she leave?
I cannot wait.

Funny how the tables finally turned
Tells me how much we were really worth
Did myself a favor, stood my ground
Screwed myself and thought you'd stick around
Track Name: Wincest
How was I to know where you were?
Jumpin' Jack Flash or as it were

You always say, that you'd really rather be alone
I can't explain why there's something here I can't condone

You won't hear me out, so now you'll feel me
Turn it inside out

Stay away from me!

From the other room, I hear you moan
Wasn't that just you, said you're alone?
Track Name: Shake It Up
Bring me down
I can't take it
And I won't wait

Call my name
Don't be petty
In this game

We won't make it
Unless we shake it all up

Cruise the town
Let's get loaded
Get depraved

Take it off
Let's get naked
Then we'll play
Track Name: Hip Chick
Half-Hour late and you're shrugging your shoulders
You must think that you're quite the catch
You ask if I've ever heard of Wilco
How'd I know that you'd ask me that?

You think you're so far above us
You can't see shit when you're looking down
Coming at me with your fangs bared
Like I'm the one who's fucking around

You're so diluted
Hip Chick, dip shit, not much to it

Skin-tight jeans and your eyes full of shadow
Screaming "Don't objectify me!"
You like to claim that men are so shallow
At best I'd say you're ankle deep
Track Name: Uncle Sam
God damn it, Uncle Sam
I gave you everything I can
But please, please don't make her leave

One thing you don't understand
When she walked out, you walked all over me
Please just leave me be

My friends said that I've been acting foolish
You proved it
Across the U S fucking A you screwed me
So ruthless

Was this always the plan?
Did you think I'd understand?

From day one you clipped my wings you fucked me
You fucked me
From up above you looked down and you judged me
You judged me